Tips For Preventing Baby Bottle Decay

Posted on: 28 May 2015

If you have an infant child, then you have a variety of soothing methods up your sleeve to help you stop fussing and tantrums. If these methods include giving your child a bottle with milk or formula in the evening or at night, then your child is at risk of developing cavities at a very young age. This condition is called baby bottle decay and it can result in long-term oral problems. [Read More]

Envious Pearly Whites: Can You Really Get Them Safely At Home?

Posted on: 6 May 2015

There's no question that everyone wants sparkling, glimmering white teeth, but can you achieve that Hollywood-glam from the comfort of your own home? Is there a safe alternative to the dental chair? This article will explore the possibilities of some of the remedies that promise you the perfect smile. Whitening With Strawberries There is a popular rumor circulating on the Internet that either by eating strawberries or brushing with them and a mixture of baking soda you can naturally and effectively produce whiter teeth. [Read More]

Top 4 Ways A Cosmetic Dentist Can Repair Your Chipped Tooth

Posted on: 14 April 2015

If you've recently chipped a tooth, you might be worried about a number of things. How will you afford the repairs, and what all will they entail? But modern dentistry has come a long way, and some of the fixes are a lot simpler than you think. Here are four of the more popular methods cosmetic dentists use to fix a chipped tooth and what you can expect from your treatment. [Read More]

Autistic Children's Dental Health: 5 Tips To Help Your Autistic Child At The Dentist

Posted on: 2 April 2015

The underlying health of your smile is important, but teaching your children the importance can be difficult. Unfortunately, teaching the very young or kids with various disabilities or personality issues can be even more challenging. Characterized by a variety of social, behavioral, and emotional difficulties, autism affects an estimated 1 in 68 children. While a diagnosis can be overwhelming, you can help your child achieve a healthy lifestyle. Using this guide, you can help your autistic child through their upcoming dental exam. [Read More]