Considering Invisible Braces? Learn More

Posted on: 30 June 2022

Invisible braces are becoming more and more popular and with good reasons. They are considerably more attractive to the wearer and reduce the need for many visits to the orthodontist. Read on and find out what invisible braces can do for you.

What Are Invisible Braces?

While this type of brace is not actually invisible, they come close. While traditional braces are usually shiny, metal, and obvious to everyone, invisible braces are clear and discreet on the wearer. While they are noticeable for wearers in close conversational distancing, they are also a lot less obtrusive. Below, find out what many invisible braces users love about them.

They are Comfortable

Traditional brace wearers often say that they become accustomed to them over time. However, they also usually mention that they are uncomfortable after they are tightened on a regular basis. With a clear aligner, there is no metal involved. Rather, they are constructed of durable plastic and come in removable and replaceable trays. Every few weeks, a new tray arrives in the mail, and you just slip it in.

They are Convenient

Invisible braces appeal to dental patients of all ages but they are extremely popular for people with busy lives. Some adults still need adjustments to their bite and hate the thought of traditional braces. With invisible braces, there is no need to constantly go to the orthodontist for visits as those with traditional braces do. You still must visit your orthodontist with invisible braces, just not as often and that makes it more appealing to adults with busy lives.

They Keep Your Teeth Whiter

It's difficult to get teeth properly clean when you are dealing with regular metal braces. They often cover the front and center part of your front teeth, which can mean discoloration becomes more obvious once they are removed. Invisible braces are removed for cleaning and that means you won't have to deal with any discoloration once you are done with your braces. They make cleaning easier and that may lead to having fewer cavities and gum issues while you are straightening your teeth.

They Don't Need Fixing

Those with traditional braces know that wires can break, and other issues can occur when dealing with metal. However, invisible braces are simple in construction and there is nothing to break. If you accidentally lose an invisible brace, your orthodontist can arrange to have it replaced quickly so that you don't miss out on any time.

To learn more about invisible braces, speak to your orthodontist.