The Top Causes Of Wisdom Tooth Pain

Posted on: 6 November 2018

A lot of people choose to get a dentist to remove their wisdom teeth before they experience any problems or pain with them, but there are also people who decide to wait it out in hopes that they will not have to go through the procedure of getting these teeth removed. If you are someone who is hoping that you will not have to get your wisdom teeth removed, you should understand what types of pain and problems your wisdom teeth may cause, and you should watch for these as they can be signs you need to get these teeth removed.

Pressure in your mouth

One problem you might experience from your wisdom teeth is pressure. This pressure could be felt in almost any area of your mouth, but it will likely be in the areas where your wisdom teeth are located or within the teeth near these teeth. The pressure comes from the teeth pushing in directions they should not be going. For example, your wisdom teeth might be pointed inwards towards your other teeth. If this is the case, they will begin pushing onto these teeth as they erupt more through your gums, and this can be very painful. This could also force your teeth to shift out of place.

Decay on your teeth

Pain from wisdom teeth also occurs when there is decay on these teeth. If your wisdom teeth have erupted, you might have a hard time cleaning them, because of their location. The location of these teeth puts them at a high risk for developing decay, and decay on a tooth can hurt, especially if the decay is big or deep.


The other common cause for pain from the wisdom teeth involves an abscess, which is another word for an infection. If there is decay on a wisdom tooth or a crack in the tooth, bacteria can easily seep into the roots of the tooth leading to an infection. Infections in the mouth are extremely painful, and the only way you can often treat this type of infection is by getting your wisdom teeth removed.

These are the top causes of wisdom toothaches. If you feel any of these types of pain, you should visit a dentist to find out what is causing the pain and what can be done to stop the pain. To learn more about your wisdom teeth, contact a dental clinic today.