3 Reasons Why It's Important To Replace A Missing Tooth

Posted on: 12 March 2018

If you have a missing tooth, then it's important for you to see your dentist to find out more about your options for replacing it, such as a dental implant. There are many reasons why people lose teeth, such as because of improper dental care or because of an accident or injury. Even though some people never replace their missing teeth, this is something important for you to do. These are a few reasons why.

1. Improve Your Self-Esteem

For one thing, many people feel very self-conscious about their appearance after losing a tooth. This can cause you to worry about how you look when you are talking to people or having your picture taken. Plus, a missing tooth can make your face look as if it's shaped differently than before -- such as by causing a sunken effect -- even when you aren't smiling or when you don't have your mouth open. Having good self-esteem and confidence in your appearance is important for yourself and can have a big impact on social and professional situations. With the right dentist, you can have a dental implant put in that can look much like the real thing. If it's put in properly, then people probably will not be able to tell that the implant is not your natural tooth.

2. Ensure You Can Eat Properly

Another reason why it's important to replace a missing tooth is the fact that it can help you eat properly. Depending on which tooth is missing, you might find that chewing on meats or other certain types of foods is difficult. This can make it difficult for you to chew your food up properly so that you can swallow it safely. It can also help prevent you from having to miss out on your favorite foods, which can affect your quality of life and can even lead to malnutrition. With a dental implant, however, you can help ensure that you can eat all of the foods that you love, although you should still be careful about things that can damage the implant and your remaining natural teeth, such as chewing on ice or hard candy.

3. Improve the Way That You Speak

Missing a tooth can have an impact on the way that you speak. For example, you could have a lisp or have trouble pronouncing certain words if you are missing one or more teeth. Once your dentist helps you with an implant, however, you can resume speaking as you did before you lost the tooth. Visit a site like http://premierdentalgrp.com/ for more help.