3 Reasons To Ask Your Dentist About A Tooth Extraction

Posted on: 12 December 2017

A tooth extraction is often considered to be a last resort by many dentists, but there are several situations where this may be a good option for your particular situation. Listed below are just three of the many reasons to ask your dentist about a tooth extraction.

If You Are On A Tight Budget

A major reason to ask your dentist about a tooth extraction is if you are on an extremely tight budget and don't have dental insurance. This is because if you do have a tooth that is severely decayed and in need of substantial work, such as a tooth that needs a root canal and a crown, the procedure can easily end up costing you several thousand dollars depending on your dentist and location. However, a simple tooth extraction will cost a tiny amount of money when compared to those more complicated procedures.

If The Tooth Has A Chance Of Becoming Infected

Another reason to ask your dentist about a tooth extraction is if the tooth in question has a chance of becoming infected. In that situation, an infected tooth can easily result in you experiencing an extreme amount of pain on a regular basis and a chance for the infection to spread throughout your body and cause numerous health complications.

This is an extremely dangerous risk for any individual that might also be suffering from a compromised immune system due to another disease or illness that they may be suffering from. However, simply by extracting the tooth your dentist may be able to alleviate the risk of infection and various health complications.

If Your Teeth Are Misaligned

Finally, consider asking your dentist about a tooth extraction if your teeth are misaligned. In many cases, the reason that an individual will suffer from misaligned teeth is at their mouth is crowded due to having too many teeth or having large teeth. In that situation, a dentist can extract some of the teeth in order to make space for the remaining teeth to shift and become aligned, especially when paired with braces or invisible braces.

Contact your dentist today in order to discuss whether or not a tooth extraction is a good fit for you and your current situation. You will want to consider asking about a tooth extraction if you are on a tight budget, if the tooth has a chance of becoming infected, and if your teeth are misaligned. To learn more, visit a website like http://silverstonefamilydental.com