2 Tips To Ease Inflammation If Your Child Suffers A Tooth Squeeze Following A Dive

Posted on: 26 April 2017

Diving with your child can be a fun way to teach them about the plants and other living species below the surface of the water. It can also be an overall fun and exciting activity for them to learn how to do at a young age. However, if they dive with any kind of cavity that is not properly covered by a crown or filling, then they may end up resurfacing with a tooth squeeze. A tooth squeeze can be incredibly painful and occurs when pockets of water form in the holes of your child's teeth and then expand when they make it above water. Dental crowns and fillings seal these holes and prevent this from forming, but it can affect you or your child even if you have unnoticed dental issues. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to help your child ease their inflammation from tooth squeeze.

Place Fresh Aloe Vera on the Inflammation

In order to get the inflammation to ease up on its own, you will need to enlist the help of anti-inflammatory herbs. A herb like aloe vera is filled with properties that fight inflammation and help to reduce pain. Take a fresh aloe vera plant and skin it with a cutting knife. Remove the gel and place it in a mixing bowl. Use a spoon to thoroughly mix the aloe vera until it is smooth. Coat a clean cotton ball with aloe vera gel and place the cotton ball on your child's tooth. Instruct them not to swallow and make sure that you do not apply too much pressure.

Submerge the Inflammation in Ice

If you are far away from land, then the chances are high that you have limited supplies. Your child may not be able to endure an entire boat ride under extreme pain. Therefore, if you have ice on your ship, then you can quickly soothe inflammation temporarily. Simply fill a clean cloth with ice blocks and apply the cloth to the inflamed area of your child's mouth. Hold the ice here until their mouth is completely numb. Then you can remove the ice to remove melting ice and reapply once again. Repeat this process until the inflammation goes away. As the inflammation subsides, your child will notice a great reduction in pain.

Suffering a tooth squeeze as a child can cause discomfort. However, if you use these tips, then your child should be fine with no issues.