Adult Braces: Types Of Braces Available

Posted on: 30 March 2017

For many children, wearing braces on their teeth is expected. For adults, the concept of wearing braces was once foreign, but it is now becoming more popular. Adults can wear braces not only to straighten their teeth, but also to fix the shape of their jaw and repair an over- or underbite.

If you are considering adult braces but feel a bit self-conscious about wearing them, there's little to fear. Adults are getting braces with increasing regularity, partially due to the improved technology that is used in orthodontics today. Braces certainly have come a very long way, making it easier and much more common for adults to get them without feeling concerned. The following is some information you can use if you are considering getting braces as an adult:

All About Braces

If you are new to the concept of braces, it is important to understand how they work. Braces apply pressure on the teeth so that they will move. Braces are composed of a bracket placed on every tooth and a wire that connects each bracket. Over time and with regular tightening, braces will move the teeth into an aligned position, correcting crooked teeth and altered bites.

Types Of Braces Available

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common form of braces, especially for teeth that are in major need of repair. They can be more precise because of their size and shape. 

Tooth-Shaded And Clear Braces

A very popular choice for adults are clear or tooth-shaded braces. These ceramic-based braces are designed to blend in with the shade of the tooth so that they are less obvious than metal braces. They function the same as their metal counterparts, but they are susceptible to staining. When wearing them, you should try to avoid eating and drinking anything that can cause the teeth and braces to stain.

Clear Alignment Systems

Another option for teeth straightening are clear alignment systems. This option differs from traditional braces in many ways. They are not permanently affixed to the teeth. They are a set of clear mouthpieces that you have to wear almost constantly, but they can be removed to eat and brush and floss your teeth. They are virtually unnoticeable, but they only work if you wear them for the prescribed time. If you like to sip on soda or snack during the day, they can be problematic.

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