Cosmetic Dentistry In Children: Does It Really Exist?

Posted on: 18 March 2017

If you have ever wondered about cosmetic dentistry for children, you may have also wondered if such a thing exists. While there are certainly dentists who perform cosmetic procedures on children, it is with the intent of correcting some childhood malady rather than just trying to make a child's smile look pretty. Here is more on cosmetic dentistry and whether or not it exists for and in children.

The Answer Is, "Yes, It Does"

There are certain dental procedures that are definitely considered cosmetic. Contrary to popular belief, orthodontia is not cosmetic in children unless their teeth are already quite straight and you just want them perfect. Other procedures are definitely cosmetic, especially if the damage or other issues involve baby teeth.

Common Cosmetic Procedures in Kids

Common cosmetic dentistry procedures in kids involve teeth bleaching, capping, and fixing small chips or light breaks. These are all things that you could leave alone when the baby teeth will drop out and new adult teeth will take over. The only time this really becomes a medical necessity is when the baby teeth are severely damaged, diseased or dying.

Bleaching Kids' Teeth

A process called microdermabrasion is used to remove the top layer of dentin, or tooth enamel, which lightens the color of the tooth. Dentists avoid the harsher bleaching agents used on adult teeth because baby teeth are not as strong. Using microdermabrasion usually gives your child's smile a nice cosmetic result without any harsh side effects.

Once all of their adult teeth have grown in, your teenagers can use the same bleaching agents as adults. Most of the time this is not necessary unless your teen has not taken very good care of his/her teeth. A change in diet and what your teen drinks/eats and a good whitening toothpaste is often sufficient to create a change in tooth color.


Bonding is the other cosmetic procedure frequently used with kids' teeth. When somebody gets an elbow to the mouth and chips a tooth or puts a hairline fracture in it such that the tooth looks broken, your dentist can use bonding agents to secure it. This seals the chipped or fractured area and makes it look whole again. However, the process is definitely cosmetic when your child's tooth could go on just fine without the bonding agent. When the health of the baby tooth or adult tooth is not in danger, it is a cosmetic procedure.

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