What To Expect During A Smile Makeover Consultation

Posted on: 19 December 2016

Making the decision to visit a cosmetic dentist to finally fix the problems you have with your smile is a great idea that could change your life. Your smile is important for your self-esteem, and your self-esteem is important for success in life. As you are preparing for this appointment, you may wonder what it will be like. Here are several different things that you should expect from your smile makeover consultation.

The Dentist Will Carefully Examine Your Teeth And Discuss Your Thoughts

When you arrive for your appointment, the dentist will talk to you about the reasons you are there. The dentist will want to know exactly what you dislike about your smile and what your goals are with cosmetic dentistry. The dentist may make notes as you talk to him or her about this.

Next, the dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth and teeth. In some cases, dentists are able to clearly see and determine what needs to be fixed simply by looking at a person's teeth. If looking at your teeth is not enough, the dentist may suggest taking x-rays and impressions of your teeth.

They Will Take X-Rays And Impressions

Taking x-rays of your teeth can help a dentist find out if there are problems that are not visible to the eye. X-rays are also helpful for determining if a person's jawbone is misaligned or if there are internal problems that are not visible. Taking impressions is often done to allow the dentist to know exactly what changes need to be made with jaw issues or bite-alignment problems.

After this is complete, they are likely to take actual pictures of you. The pictures might include some of your face, and others might be your profile. One reason this is done is to determine the changes that are needed to fix the issues. The other reason this is done is to have before and after pictures of your smile.

They Will Create A Specialized Plan For You

Once the dentist has completed the steps listed so far, he or she will determine a plan for your smile makeover. A smile makeover is designed to fix all the issues a person has with their smile; however, dentists often have several options available to fix common cosmetic dental issues. Some of the services the dentist might recommend for your smile include the following procedures:

  • Veneers or crowns – These are dental products that are used to fix teeth that are misshaped, too small, or cracked. Veneers and crowns can also be used to fix gaps between teeth.
  • Composite bonding – This is a procedure that involves the use of the same material used for fillings. Composite bonding is made of plastic, and it can be placed on teeth to improve their size and shape or to eliminate gaps. Bonding can also be used to whiten teeth if needed.
  • Teeth whitening – If your smile is not as white as it should be, the dentist is likely to recommend whitening services. If the staining on your teeth is intrinsic, regular bleaching techniques might not work.

These are some of the services that can be helpful for improving smiles, but there are others. When the dentist finishes creating the plan, he or she will discuss it with you, and you can talk about how to handle the work that is needed.

A smile makeover consultation appointment offers a great way to find out what services are available for improving the looks of your teeth and smile. If you would like to learn more about smile makeovers or if you would like to schedule a consultation appointment, contact a cosmetic dentist at a clinic like Stone & Johnson Dental Group today.