Did Your Dental Crown Fall Off? Get Answers You To Questions You May Have

Posted on: 13 January 2015

A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a damaged or weak tooth to help protect and keep that tooth safe. However, these crowns aren't permanent. Most last between five to 15 years, depending on the material it is made from and how well it is cared for. If your crown is nearing the end of its lifespan, or you bite down on something hard, your crown may pop off. If this has just happened to you, your mind may be racing with questions. Here are a few of the questions you may be wondering about if your dental crown has fallen off.  

What Action Should I Take if My Dental Crown Has Fallen Off?

If your dental crown has fallen off of the tooth, the first thing you will want to do is remove it from your mouth. If possible, try to spit the crown into a clean napkin or piece of cloth, rather than sticking your fingers with bacteria into your mouth.

Once the crown is out of your mouth, take it over to a sink or water fountain and rinse it with cool water. This helps to remove any food particles that may be residing in the crown. From there, you will want to examine it for any cracks, chips or other damage. If the crown has visible damage on it, take the crown and place it in a zippered plastic sandwich bag so it won't get lost. You will want to take it with you when you visit the dentist. If the crown does not have visible damage, set it aside in a safe, clean place for now.

After the crown has been cleaned, you will want to clean your mouth, focusing on the tooth underneath the crown. Swish some mouthwash or saltwater around the affected tooth to remove bacteria and germs. Then brush the area well with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

If your crown is not visibly damaged, you can pick up a denture adhesive or dental glue and attempt to re-adhere the crown to the tooth until you are able to be seen by a dentist. Do not use any glue that is not designed for use with a dental prosthetic, as the adhesive could cause damage to both your tooth and the crown. If you cannot adhere the crown to your tooth, clean the crown and tooth again and set the crown aside until your dental appointment.

Is This Considered a Dental Emergency?

If your crown falls off, you may be wondering if it is a dental emergency and if you should see an emergency dentist. In most cases, if your crown falls off, you should notify your dentist so that they can schedule you an appointment within the next few days, but you don't usually need to be seen after hours or on weekends.

However, while a crown falling out is typically not a dental emergency, there are a couple of instances in which it can become one. If your tooth cracks, chips, or falls out with the crown, you will want to visit an emergency dentist right away. Also, if your crown falls out, and you find yourself in a significant amount of pain that is not remedied with an over-the-counter pain reliever, you need to be seen by a dentist immediately.

Can My Crown Be Permanently Reattached?

After your crown has fallen out, you will want to make an appointment with your dentist. You may find yourself wondering if your crown can be permanently reattached at this appointment, or if you will need to have a new crown made and adhered.

The dentist will look at your crown and make a decision. If the crown is old, worn, damaged or doesn't fit on your tooth correctly, they will recommend you have a new crown made. If your crown is in good condition and still correctly fits over the affected tooth, the dentist will likely be able to reattach it.

When a crown falls off of your tooth, your mind may instantly begin to race with questions. Getting answers to these questions will help you know what actions to take after the crown has fallen out and what to expect when you visit a dentist following this problem.